Month: August 2018


Pattern and Scale: Getting it Right

Pattern can have a big impact on how a room feels. If you are considering adding patterns into your decor but are uncertain as to how to introduce pattern without turning the room into one huge kaleidoscope – there are a few points of consideration…

Grouping and Displaying Collections- Part I

We are soothed by similarity because visually we prefer similarities to opposites. This can be called the law of grouping. Simplicity has power. Compositionally, it is more interesting and dramatic to achieve a balance of elements asymmetrically. In the law of grouping, objects either harmonize…

Color Hints For Your Home

In dark-colored rooms, avoid white or off-white upholstery, because the outline of the furniture will dominate the space.  The contrast is too high and the richness of the dark background makes the fabric look thin.  Generally, when you have dark-colored walls, a printed fabric with…
Kathleen's Tips

Making a Punch List

Put a pad of paper on a clipboard. On the top right-hand side of the pad, write the date.  On the top left-hand side, write "Punch-List." Items on your punch list should be numbered and should contain keywords to identify areas that need to be remedied.…

The Necessity of Order

Order plays an essential role in bringing disparate elements into a unified aesthetic, harmonious whole. Without order, we would live in chaos, feeling scattered and unfocused.  Order opens the way to further seeing—you are more apt to be enticed by a garden path that is neatly…

Making the Most of Space

No matter how large or small a room is, the scale of the human form often determines the appropriate spacing between objects.  To create a room ideal for moving about with ease, for intimate conversation, for comfortable walking between furniture, you need ample space between…

Keeping a Visual Box

Magazines pile up; most of us don't throw them out until we've gone through each one.  A soothing ritual is to clip out articles you want to read, or have read and want to save or cut out pictures that give you ideas.  Then store the…

Creating Symmetry in Your Home

Symmetry is one of the oldest tricks in the design books. The charm of symmetry is its permanent power to please because it balances the tensions of the eye.  Our eye and hand tend to discover objects from side to side, not from top to…

Opening Your Eyes to Needed Change

People become blind to the eyesores in their homes because often they've spent huge amounts of money on things that are obviously so wrong.  It is embarrassing and upsetting to buy a pair of expensive wing chairs and have them custom upholstered only to discover,…
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