Month: September 2018


Treasure New Beginnings

Even if your house or apartment is already furnished, as you think about these secrets to finding your personal decorating style, you may experience your surroundings with a raised awareness. As I have said in prior posts, rooms are not still lifes; and the best…

Creating Beauty

Once our personal style is deeply anchored in simplicity and appropriateness, then our rooms will reveal their own inward beauty.  Beauty in a room requires a point of view, just as it does in a garden. I always think of rooms as gardens because they…

Defining Appropriateness

I don't think I fully understood the meaning of appropriateness until I started traveling to Europe and visiting very old cottages and homes with their peculiarly shaped spaces, curves, angles, and juts.  I noticed how owners embraced their homes, just as they are.  They might…

Your Personality Reveals Your Style

Get in touch with that spirit inside you.  Who you are is a coming together of everything you've been exposed to all your life, how you've grown and changed, and what you aspire to, and most importantly, what you respond to emotionally.  Style really comes…

Choose Simplicity

You will never slip into pretentiousness or artificiality when you build your rooms on a solid foundation of simplicity. But most of us have a tendency to overdo, to reach for the most complicated and usually costly solution. Instead, try to keep in mind that…

Entrances: First Impressions

From the moment you open the front door to your house or apartment, you instinctively feel the emotional rush of being home. The entrance hall is the face and character of the house. Just as a writer must find his or her voice, your place…

Start With A Master Plan

Good rooms evolve. They grow, change, and become more refined and beautiful over time. When you plan your ideal room, and determine how you want it to look and feel, you can build toward that goal in a continuous process.  Sketch out a floor plan…
Kathleen's Tips

The 60/40 Rule

How do you decorate a historical house with ornate architectural features? Keep it clean. Mix it up. Keep the palette interesting- don't be afraid to mix patterns, finishes, and textures. It's all about ratio.  When selecting furniture, try to keep to a 60 percent skirts,…

Trust Your Eye

I am often asked if good taste is something we can acquire.  My answer to this is a resounding Yes! Some people do have innate taste, but for most of us, good taste emerges once we have learned to trust our own eyes.  If you…
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