Choose Simplicity

You will never slip into pretentiousness or artificiality when you build your rooms on a solid foundation of simplicity. But most of us have a tendency to overdo, to reach for the most complicated and usually costly solution. Instead, try to keep in mind that less is more. When it comes to your rooms, think of them as intimate spaces where you want to feel comfortable, alone. Immediately you’ll lose your fear of what others will think or your impulse to overanalyze a decision–and to throw money at it.

Rooms should look effortless and have an ease about them that soothes.

Elegance is often achieved by what you leave out

For instance, if you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, you might choose to paint the walls a fresh light color.  Before you decide on lighting, such as a ceiling fixture or sconces ask yourself:  Are they necessary?  What is the simplest solution?

The important thing in a living house is not splendor, but refinement, not elaborate decorativeness, but elegance.

Applied ornamentation, like a gooey, too sweet frosting on a cake, can come across as excessive rather than attractive, charming, or in character. The more sophisticated your eye becomes, the more assured your personal style will be, the more easily you will reach for the most authentic decorating solution. Simplicity is no more than a fresh glint of sunshine in a room.  Clean windows.  Simple enough. Shiny waxed floors.  Fresh flowers. Books. A writing desk.  A beautiful painting. Some comfortable furniture.  When we try to be too ambitious in the decoration of our rooms, we get off track.  Remember, decorating is really simple.

Our modern society, which pushes us further and further from our calm and serene center, really needs simplicity — with a touch of subtle and refined luxury.