Coastal Inspired Décor for Your Home

Bring the Ocean Home|Coastal Home Decor

Are you looking to add a touch of coastal home décor to brighten up your home?  I love using the watery shades of turquoise, seafoam green, and aqua when adding coastal décor to a home.    Not everyone wants to paint their walls or purchase furniture in shades of turquoise, so by adding a hint of this quintessentially coastal color through coastal home décor is a great solution to get the look and feel of the coastal living style.

Turquoise Coastal Decor

Inspired by the Ocean

Be Authentic With Your Coastal Home Decor

For creating a truly realistic and authentic coastal style home I believe you need to bring in natural elements vs a decorative item straight off the shelf of a big box store. What does that mean?  Bring in unexpected objects like glass jugs or Japanese fishing net floats. Beads and sea glass are some of my favorite accents to layer in beautiful, natural tones reminiscent of strolls scavenging for treasures along the beach.  There’s a difference between bringing in a bit of coastal influenced décor vs decorating every corner of your home with coastal home decor.  By finding pieces that are timeless and casual, you can incorporate elements that are suggestive of the coast without being kitschy.


glass fishing floats

Use Glass|Coastal Home Decor

I love using glass elements in shades of turquoise because it captures the sparkle and translucent qualities of the ocean.   If turquoise is too bold and daring, consider a slightly muted, cloudy version to match nature’s colors.

glass demijohns

coastal home decorating

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