Tips For Creating a Calm & Peaceful Home

Restoring Peace & Balance Back Into Your Home

Remember the Cat Steven’s song, “Wild World?”  The lyrics, “Oh baby baby it’s a mad world,” continue to apply to the world just as it did in 1971.  Maybe more so now that we have social media.  I can’t open Facebook without being bombarded by negativity or anger from either side of the political spectrum.  It’s exhausting.   I really do just want to see a video of a cute dog and find out what my friends from around the globe are up to. Life is filled with what I dub as “static in your life,” it can be traffic, negativity you might run into throughout the day, work pressures, home pressures, kids, deadlines, the news, social media and on and on…. Seriously, I’m starting to stress out just from typing this.  Yikes.   Shanti Shanti.

Which is why I truly believe that your home ought to be your sanctuary- providing you with a feeling of serenity and luxury as a retreat from the crazy turmoil of the outside world.   Your home should bring you joy and harmony to restore balance and happiness to your daily life.  At the end of the day when I open the door and walk into my home, I am completely at ease.  I’m greeted by my dog and cat who think I’m the greatest thing they’ve ever seen. My house is filled with everything I love, the colors and textures I’ve chosen are peaceful and everything is in its place. So you’re probably thinking, “Yeah Yeah, that sounds great but completely unrealistic in my life.”  It’s not.  Seriously. It may not happen overnight. But everyone can get there.  I have to work on it every day.  If you have not read Marie Kondo’s book, “The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up,” I HIGHLY suggest adding this to your reading list.  I’m not going to go into why this is a must-have, but you can skip on over to The Real Mrs. Darcy’s blog where Anne has written a great blog post on what she learned from the book in tidying up her own space.

The Magic of Tidying Up

It’s my mission at Coastal Farmhouse, from the interior design projects I work on to the products I choose to carry for our online store,  that everything is well thought out in order to bring harmony between people and their homes, after all, it is my mantra – “to be happy in your home is to be happy in your life.”

Today I thought I would share some ideas and simple solutions that I use for restoring peace, harmony, and balance back into you home so you can create your own sanctuary.

Clear the Clutter

The best way to restore and create a peaceful and serene home is to clear the clutter and visual chaos from your home. When your home is filled with stuff, whether it’s piles of papers, laundry piles, DIY projects, or even too many accessories or furnishings, your eye has no peaceful place to land and the clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos.  Most of us could do with about half as much stuff in our house and things would feel a lot calmer. Put a plan in place and start tackling the tasks of de-cluttering your space.  Remember, all rooms are important- whether it’s a space you haven’t finished decorating or a room you don’t often use- don’t leave any room unattended.  You can create harmony in your home by making each room inspired.

traditional hallway design

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Create a Visually Serene Environment

Once you’ve cleared the excess clutter it’s time to think about color palettes and textures. Color impacts you on an emotional, psychological, and physical level. There have been numerous studies that show how color can affect your mood, appetite, and level of energy.  It’s quite amazing how a room feels when you change up the color and the types of fabrics and textures in a room.  Don’t worry about what’s trending, color and home decor trends will come and go. You make your home beautiful by choosing colors and textures that reflect your preferences and personalities. The trick is to blend the colors you like into a pleasing combination.    Of course, my personal design preference is the neutrals (variations of black, gray, white, and brown), because their virtue lies in their flexibility.  I can add color to liven things up or subtract color to tone things down.

Coastal Bedroom

Incorporate Natural and Organic Elements

I love the natural and organic appeal of adding found elements into a room.  I feel by incorporating natural elements into your home you will naturally foster a space of calmness and tranquility.  I always look for items that have interesting shapes and texture.  I’ve created vignettes and color palettes from a single twisted branch of driftwood I’ve found on one of my walks along the beach.  Use wood bowls and trays to display shells, coral, beach glass, feathers, or rocks inside the pretty vessels.  The benefit is thrice-fold, spending time in nature is rejuvenating, items you collect do not cost anything, and your home will have a personal, healthy, and unique design touch.

Decorating a small space

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Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

After a long day, there’s nothing better for your body and mind than a spa visit. However, not everyone has the financial ability to visit a luxurious spa, so why not turn your bathroom into an at-home spa? Create a soothing sanctuary in your own home where you can take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress. All it takes is a few more elements to evoke the spa-like atmosphere.

spa bathroom


Let In the Light

Natural light is needed for all humans to thrive and to be healthy. At the same time – your home reaps the benefit as well.  Natural light can kill bacteria that in your home and it creates an ambiance that can’t be rivaled by artificial lighting sources.   In many homes, the problem isn’t the sources of light but rather the ability to let light in effectively. What are your current window treatments?  Heavy blinds, thick drapery, and layered fabric curtains often keep out natural light. Consider using lighter-weight fabrics such as cotton or linen fabrics and remember to open your windows each day to bring in the fresh air and recharge your space.

natural light curtains

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