Spring Flowers

Simple & Chic Spring Flower Arrangements You Can Put Together Fast

Spring Flower Arrangements You Can Put Together Fast

Spring is finally here. Sort of.  Well, it should be here soon! Although there may be a slight delay, you can certainly get into the spirit by bringing a bit of spring inside.   I love walking into my local Fresh Market and seeing the return of spring flowers.  Fresh flowers always seem to bring new life and positive energy to your home, no matter how big or small an arrangement, it always adds a chic touch to the home.  Let’s look at some easy and beautiful spring flower arrangements that you can quickly put together for your home.  You can find more inspiration on our Floral Decor Pinterest Board

Magnolias and Plum Blossoms

These two spring flowers complement each other and the smell is out of this world. Plum blossoms have a sweet flowery fragrant smell and magnolias… well they are just the grand dame of scent.  The Elizabeth Taylor of flowers.  Both blossoms have a similar petal shape & structure and the soft hues of pink & white blend well together.  Wouldn’t this make a lovely chic centerpiece or a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day? Just 2 types of flowers and that’s it!

magnolia and plum blossom arrangement

{image DK Designs Hawaii}

A Bouquet of Branches

This is one of the easiest spring flower arrangements to pull together and is my “go-to” staple when I’m in a time crunch.  It’s as easy as walking outside with a good pair of garden snippers.  There are two schools of thought when using woody branches (1) Select just three or four sculptural specimens and (2) Make a huge splash with a bunch of branches.  Both are lovely and make a statement.   Think about what you have growing that’s native in your area –  Forsythia is one of the first signs Spring has arrived.  I love a big showy splash of Forsythias in my entryway.  Continuing with the branch theme, Cherry blossoms, Plum blossoms, French Pussywillows, and Crabapple blossoms all make a huge announcement of Spring and look stunning on an entry table or buffet.  Here are some beautiful ideas for creating your own unique spring flower arrangements using fresh branches!

branch bouquet

{images Pinterest}


Nothing says, “Spring is here!” like a fresh bunch of tulips. Tulips are affordable and are readily available at your local grocery store.  The trick is how you arrange them.  First, when you select tulips, choose flowers with petals that are still relatively closed, but not so tight that you can’t peek inside. Tulips prefer cool water and kept away from heat.  They continue growing in the vase, so they need lots of water.  Tulips love to droop, so choose a vase that is tall enough to offer them support. If you constrain tulips about two-thirds of the way up with a cylinder vase, the natural arc of their soft stems will take care of the arranging.  Avoid vases that curve outward at the top if you want your tulips to stay upright.  Get creative with your containers, for instance, an antique birdcage perfectly supports a collection of colorful tulips; the crossing wires hold up the top-heavy blossoms. Any container that fits inside the cage will do; just fill it with water, place it in the center and add flowers. Tuck in a bit of moss if you want to disguise the container.   Here’s a great video from Leaf TV on how to create the perfect tulip arrangement.

Squills, Bluebells, and Glory-of-the-Snow

These sweet and dainty little blossoms are typically the first harbingers of spring.  Because of the daintiness of the blossoms, I think they look precious in simple glass jars or teacups.  What I love about small containers is that you can tuck them into many areas of your home – bookshelves, a nightstand, a wall shelf, etc.

Bluebell arrangement


Do not limit yourself to using vases as the only means for displaying your spring flower arrangements. Ordinary household items like tiny creamers, teapots, and water pitchers create a whimsical yet chic statement.  Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  Visit your local antique mall or flea market to find small beakers, vials, and other unexpected containers.  Two of my favorite containers for flowers are mercury glass votive candle holders and shells.   The mercury glass adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to my neutral palette and conch shells are just interesting and clearly coastal!

interesting floral container

A super cute idea for displaying delicate blossoms {image Midwest Living}

bulb planter as centerpiece

Bulb planters double as quaint containers {image Midwest Living}

bloom box

Vintage crates and boxes make great farmhouse chic bloom boxes. {image Pinterest}


I think you get greater impact from a big vase of daffodils on their own than mixed with other flowers. But that’s just my personal preference.  These sunny, happy flowers are so easy to arrange and care for.  They do love water – so make sure they always have fresh, clean water.  Daffodils look wonderful in a spiral arrangement.  The secret of a perfect hand-tied arrangement is the spiral, where each new stem is slanted against the previous one. Choose the best and biggest bloom for the center and arrange the other flowers at an angle around and slightly beneath it to build up a beautiful “dome.” Fasten the bunch using florist twine or a hair tie. A grouping like this is simple and dramatic.  Here’s a video explaining how to create a spiral arrangement.

{image Floret Flower Farm}

How to Make Your Flowers Last

The key to making your flowers last is to keep the water clean.  Dirty water causes bacteria growth in the water and clogs up the stems and kills the flowers. To keep your water clean, adhere to these two cardinal rules:

  1. Don’t allow any leaves below the water line—they create bacteria. Strip off any leaves that will get wet in your vase.
  2. Change the water every two days. To be sure your flowers are getting the cleanest water, cut 1/4 inch off of the stems every few times they get new water.

coastal farmhouse inspiration