Don’t Feel Compelled to Fill Up All Your Space

Space is a luxury and having pure space gives us a serene feeling.  Covering up every inch of space is suffocating. Respect architecture as a background; enjoy the play of light and shadow that space permits. You shouldn’t bruise your knee in a maze of overcrowding.  No room requires seating for more than eight.

When there are more people, they can stand or sit on folding chairs, depending on the occasion.  Ottomans may be placed decoratively under a table and brought out as required.  Keep the four corners of a room clean and clear.  Great rooms have free corners.  Remember, decorators and home furnishing stores don’t make money off bare space. However, you will feel less anxious and more at rest in a room that breathes with openness, like a refreshing walk on the beach.

While a room requires backup storage areas for the paraphernalia of life, they can be cleverly disguised to keep the room from looking overcluttered.  An armoire can add height and scale to a room while it hides a television. An end table can be a chest of drawers to store linens, magazines, etc.  A pine trunk can be used as a coffee table. Try to avoid built-ins, which will make your rooms feel smaller, or paint them white, or the same color as the wall (which helps fool the eye).  Use your imagination to solve your storage requirements.