Friday's Flower

Friday’s Flower ~Dahlias

There is something incredibly lush about Dahlias.  And they hold up well in arrangements.   The Dinner Plate Dahlia is my absolute favorite and I’m obsessed with the dreamy ice cream shades of cream and blush pink of the Cafe Au Lait variety. They look absolutely stunning with antique gold accents.  I love the look of one single dahlia bloom set in an antique glass bowl or bottle.  They are ideally suited for a long and low arrangement where guests and friends can see the tiny details. And honestly, who really wants towering arrangements on the dinner table?


  • When placing a flower in a cup or small bowl, be sure to leave an inch or so of stem attached so the bloom can continue to drink.
  • Dahlias need to be dropped into water as soon as possible. In order to maximize their relatively short 3 to 4-day vase life, warm or hot tap water is ideal. I’ve found that dropping them in a vase of hot water and letting it cool down to room temperature can extend their vase life up to 2 to 3 days.
  • As a rule of thumb, the larger and fancier the petals, the shorter the vase life.
  • I’ve found that dahlias last a little longer when all the weight of the bloom is supported with other blooms. Even if they’re piled on one another. If you’re using them as a single stem, make sure they have support (a vase/bottle with a long neck)
  • If you’re using them in an outside table setting, be sure to keep the blooms out of direct sunlight. They will wilt in the heat of the midday sun. I use them at dusk al fresco dinner parties or a shaded brunch.