Friday's Flower

Friday’s Flower ~ Hydrangea

To me, the flower that embodies both the Coastal+Farmhouse style is the hydrangea. I think it just may be summer’s favorite flower – at least in New England, beloved for producing unending armloads of color, from blue and pink to vanilla-cone and striking green. Friday is my day for changing out all the fresh flowers in my home and hydrangeas are my ‘go to’ summer choice. I have fresh flowers on my nightstand so that I see them as soon as I wake up. I put them in the bathroom and kitchen, and of course the dining area.  I love the variation of blues and also love blue and green together.  I rarely ever put other flowers with them, as they are so beautiful massed together or in single blooms placed in vintage jars dotted throughout my home.

If you’re looking to add a little coastal color to your home, try adding some fresh cut hydrangeas.  No need for complicated arrangements, as hydrangeas look lovely in an uncomplicated style of flower arrangements.  I am a big proponent of using single-stem vases and clear, short drinking glasses (vintage!) as vases.  As an alternative, our articulated farmhouse vase is perfect for achieving this farmhouse look. It makes a simple, clean, and definitely no-fuss, arrangement.

Today, go out and treat yourself to some beautiful fresh hydrangeas (or any other fresh flower).  Adding that little touch of beauty through flowers makes you feel happy. And your home should be a place where you should feel peaceful and happy.

TIP:  Fresh hydrangeas are a bit picky and a little diva-ish.  If you are cutting them straight from your garden, cut the blooms in the morning while the weather is cool. Take a pitcher of water with you into the garden and drop the bloom stems into water immediately after cutting them.  Once inside, as you arrange the blooms in your vase, recut the stems on an angle and dip the bottom 1/2 inch of the stem into powdered alum (found in the spice aisle of your market), then arrange in your container.

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