Kathleen's Tips

Kathleen’s Decorating Tip #2

Start a Collection

Saturdays are great days for yard sales and it got me thinking of this inexpensive decorating tip- starting a collection.  If you find that your home consists of a hodgepodge of collectibles scattered around a room, maybe it’s time to refocus.   For example, it’s really easy to start collecting everything “coastal,” but soon you end up with coastal everything all over the place and it doesn’t let the eye focus and enjoy any one item. Simplify what you collect. Stick with items that are a similar size or hue. Then gather your favorites in one spot for major impact sans the clutter.  You can grow your collection with a handful of extraordinary originals combined with less expensive replicas, then display them in a group.  Happy hunting!


A beautiful collection of Ball jars. Jars are all farmhouse and the colors bring in the coastal vibe.   {photo: instagram account exceeding.joy}