Layer Your Lighting

Layer Your Lighting

When thinking about the flow of space, ambiance, and atmosphere in your home, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements. Beautiful interiors have a variety of lighting for different times of the day, tasks or moods. Take a layered approach to lighting with different light sources (preferably all fitted with dimmers) across different levels to create ambiance and interest in a room. Most rooms require three types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task.

  • Ambient lighting illuminates the entire area of a room in a fairly uniform manner- typically ceiling light fixtures, pendants, chandeliers.
  • Accent lighting is the second lighting layer and is referred to as the “decorative” layers because it is used to showcase a room’s features, such as artwork, architecture, decorative objects and any other points of interest in the room- typically wall sconces and recessed lighting.
  • The final layer of lighting is task lighting and task lighting provides illumination for specific tasks performed in an area such as reading- typically floor lamps, swing arm sconces, or desk lamps.

Ambient Lighting

Accent Lighting

Task Lighting

Perfectly layered lighting design using all three elements. {Photo: Brady Design}