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Three is Better than Two

Three Is Better Than Two

When hanging objects on a wall, one over another, three is better than two.  You can hang five, but not four. The eye wants to focus on something interesting, not the lines created by the negative space between the objects at eye level.  If you have one large object, place it in the center with the two smaller ones on top and on the bottom.  When hanging different sized-frames, don’t line them up in a rigid, mathematical arrangement.  Use your eye. If hanging three prints over a shaped headboard, the middle print can be several inches higher than those on either side.  If the prints are the same size, you should use strict measurement, hanging them at the same height and distance from each other.


Always hang your artwork at 57″ on center. “On center” means that the middle of the artwork is always at 57″ (this only applies to hanging art on an open wall or above lower furniture, rather than over taller features like a fireplace). 57″ represents the average human eye-height and is regularly used as a standard in many galleries and museums.

Set of Three
{Photo Source: Etsy Shop, YellowRedandBlue}