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Kathleen’s Tip #4

Adding Color to a Room

If you feel your room is in need of a little zing – try adding a little color to your decor without picking up a paintbrush. I think adding a pop of color against a timeless neutral backdrop can be both modern and chic.  I suggest choosing one color with multiple saturated hues and layering in the color with pillows, accessories, art, botanicals, and even rugs.  If you’re not quite ready for a bold color, start working in soft colors and in small doses.  Peach, blush, mint, and pale yellow will add dimension to your space without seeming too bold with your room’s calm neutrals.   Start small. Throw pillows are a perfect way to add color and character to neutral spaces. For example, if you want to incorporate navy blue into your living room, you might not want blue walls, a blue couch, or a blue carpet. Yet, adding blue throw pillows is a subtle way to bring in a vibrant color.  Adding color through well thought out accessories is a great way to inject personality without having to completely redecorate the entire room.


  • A long runner adds color to unexpected places and add dimension to just about any room or hallway.
  • A grouping of like-colored accessories adds impact and non-permanent pops of color to your space.
  • A colorful floral arrangement will not only add an organic element to your space, but it adds a vibrant hue as well.
  • Introduce pops of color into your space through artwork and photography.
  • A single colored throw or blanket makes a real statement in a neutral room.


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