Kitchen Keeping ~ Ramekins

This weekend I prepared a quick and easy brunch and I realized all my “go to” meals involve baking something in a ramekin. If a set of ramekins has not made its way into your kitchen, it’s time to add a set to your essential kitchen equipment.  Because of the wide variety of uses for them, I find myself picking them up at flea markets and yard sales – wherever and whenever I see them.  They can be used to mix a small amount of ingredients, hold snacks or serve dips and salsas.  I use a set of our Coastal Farmhouse ramekins to hold wedges of fresh lemons at every place setting when I serve a fish dish or iced tea.  Larger ramekins are commonly used for preparing and baking French onion soup, molten chocolate cake and many cheese and egg dishes. Outside of the kitchen, they hold spare change and keys and I have a few in my bedroom to hold earrings and rings.

What is a ramekin?

A ramekin is a small glazed ceramic or glass bowl used for cooking and serving various dishes such as crème brûlée and individual custards, such as flan. The term comes from the French word ramequin, a cheese- or meat-based dish baked in a small mold.

coastal ramekin

Coastal Farmhouse Ramekin Set

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