Opening Your Eyes to Needed Change

People become blind to the eyesores in their homes because often they’ve spent huge amounts of money on things that are obviously so wrong.  It is embarrassing and upsetting to buy a pair of expensive wing chairs and have them custom upholstered only to discover, once they are in place, the chairs are too high-backed and the fabric is the wrong choice.  What can you do? Get upset, certainly, but many clients pretend their spouse loves the look and won’t let them change it.  But if one person in the family detests something, seeing it as all wrong, change it.  Life is too short to live with a mistake.

Seeing well can create defining moments in a partnership.  The one who sees with new eyes should be able to articulate why an object is wrong without his or her companion becoming defensive.  Once you see well, you can be exceedingly articulate about why a particular form and its scale, proportions, material, or color are not harmonious.