coastal window treatments

Coastal Style Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments are the perfect opportunity you have to define the look and feel of your room. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite coastal style window treatment ideas.  Think of the textures and colors inspired by the sand and sea like sea grass, sand…
how to hang art over a sofa

How to Decorate Behind a Sectional Sofa

Decorating Behind a Sectional Sofa Are you having trouble thinking of ideas on what to use in that large space behind and above your sectional sofa? In last week's Facebook Design Challenge post, we asked our followers to share a design challenge.  In response to one…
romantic coastal bedroom

Coastal Blue Paint Colors

Coastal Blue Paint Colors Coastal Blue paint colors can turn your home into a relaxing escape.  Keep in mind there isn't one coastal blue paint color palette that is perfect for any space. Every home is unique with its own lighting and surfaces that influence the…
Glam Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Glam Style

Rustic Glam Style Today I'm going to share one of my favorite interior design styles- Rustic Glam or as I like to call it, "Farmhouse Glam."  First, let's define Rustic Glam or Farmhouse Glam. It's a design style that mixes earthy, time-worn items with a…