Kathleen’s Tip No. 1

Establish a Color Scheme Creating a whole home color palette will make your decorating choices easier and help connect one room to the next, creating a home that flows.  The first step is creating a color palette. Color is very personal, so choose colors that speak…

Brass is Back

If you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. Yes, brass is back.  But not the shiny brass you may remember from the 80s. The "new" brass is much more understated and luxurious. Aged gold, champagne gold, satin gold, there are so many different…
Bookcase vignette

How to Create a Beautiful Bookcase Vignette

Your bookshelves tell your story with a glimpse into your character, personality, travels, passions, interests, and family. There’s an art to creating a perfectly styled bookshelf. We have some tips to help you achieve a beautifully layered yet balanced look. And it's easier than you…
Live Life Beautifully

Live Life Beautifully

The Coastal Farmhouse tagline, Live Life Beautifully, really encompasses more than just creating a beautiful home.  When I dreamed up Coastal Farmhouse and what I wanted to accomplish and bring to peoples lives was much more than just a "pretty home."   Beyond the professional and…

Coastal Farmhouse Interior Design Inspiration

There's something that's endlessly appealing about interior decorating inspired by the coast- no matter where you live.  Maybe it's the calming palette of ocean blues and sandy taupes, the textures of driftwood, seagrass and recycled glass. Textures and patterns work well in a coastal style…

Coastal Inspired Décor for Your Home

Bring the Ocean Home|Coastal Home Decor Are you looking to add a touch of coastal home décor to brighten up your home?  I love using the watery shades of turquoise, seafoam green, and aqua when adding coastal décor to a home.    Not everyone wants to…
coastal interior design

How to Add Coastal Style to Your Home

When you think of "coastal style," do you automatically think airy, breezy, and light, with a color palette drawn from the natural beauty of seaside finds like sand and shells?  Personally, I feel that the coastal interior style looks best when it sets a mood…