Point of View and a Focal Point

No matter how beautiful your furnishings are, if you haven’t decided on the style and resonance of the room, it will appear confused and awkward.  Create a mood for each room.  What gives a room its individual character, is to focus on a feeling you can relate to.

Every room needs a focal point — it’s a basic design principle. Your eye needs somewhere to land, and a focal point draws you into a room. Wallpaper is a gorgeous choice for accent walls.

Establishing a room’s theme will guide you into making the right selections and bring the disparate together into a whole. If you want to create a warm, friendly, country atmosphere, avoid glass and lucite. Select warm wood and textured materials.  On the other hand, if your taste runs toward modern design, have fewer elements but repeat them.

Creating a focal point is one of the most fundamental parts of interior design. This spot is the first thing viewers see when they enter the room and it’s the center of your layout.

A Room Also Needs a Focal Point –A Main Attraction

A statement piece of artwork or mirror can carry a room by itself.

You should be able to walk into any room and be drawn to something powerful and beautiful.  If you have a fireplace, the mantel should be stunning. Center a high piece of furniture prominently on a wall to draw the eye to it.

A focal point can be anything from a great painting to a quilt on a wall to a piece of sculpture or a striking piece of furniture. Whatever you select –whether it be a four-poster bed or a fantastic secretary desk – let it be the exclamation mark in your room.

Center a high piece of furniture prominently on a wall to draw the eye to it.