French Market Basket with Orange Pom Poms


A fabulous and fun bag to take to the beach or to take to the Farmer’s market.  

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Our Classic French Market Basket is commonly used throughout France and Europe to carry fresh produce, cheeses, and baguettes from outdoor markets.  Because they are lightweight and strong they are ideal for food shopping, a chic weekend and beach tote, perfect for farmer’s markets, and provide a stylish solution for home storage and organization- perfect for toys, firewood, magazines, newspapers, towels, knitting wool and so much more.  Our Classic French Market Basket features adorable pink wool pom poms and pink wool trim and comes finished with sturdy, leather handles. They are can be dipped in water and reshaped if necessary.  Treat leather with a quality leather cream.

 French Market Basket With Pink Pom Poms Product Details

  • Height 13-14
  • Width 13-14 
  • Inch Length  21-22 Inch
  • Approx handle length : 19 inches 

Our collection of French Market Baskets is ethically produced and provide meaningful employment for local farmers and women in villages throughout Morocco.  The Moroccan handcraft industry is one of the main economic engines of the Moroccan economy.   The Moroccan craftswomen and men are skilled artisans who typically have an undeniable artistry and impeccable expertise implementing traditional weaving techniques. Every basket is created from fallen palm fronds and water reed and provide a wonderful, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. The natural and handmade nature of our French Market Baskets reflects our belief that the things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose. They should help us in connecting to the world around us.

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10% of the proceeds from the sale of our glass beads will be donated to Her Future Coalition,  a grassroots nonprofit that provide shelter, education, and high-wage employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse so that they may remain forever free. Her Future Coalition (formerly operating as Made by Survivors) has been providing shelter, education and high-quality employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse for over a decade.   They have helped over 2000 survivors and their families become free and independent, in India, Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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