Strand of Rosewood Beads


A strand of beautiful rosewood beads for your coastal farmhouse decor.

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These beautiful wooden beads are made from natural rosewood. Slight variations in colors and shape of the beads. Look carefully and you will see that each bead is unique. Individual beads measure 11-12 x 12mm with approximately 35 on each 16.5 strand.  A perfect touch to your farmhouse and coastal decor.  We love using these in decorating. They add texture, color, to your coastal farmhouse decor.

  • Bead Size: 11-12 x 12mm
  • Hole Size: 3mm
  • Strand Length: 16.5
  • Number of Beads: 35

About Rosewood

The most famous form of Rosewood comes from the Punjab province of Pakistan and India. Rosewood is renown for its deep purplish-brown and ruddy brown color and variants of Rosewood can be found all over the planet from places like Jamaica, Brazil, Honduras, Africa and Peru. Throughout history, Rosewood has been a prized material and for hundreds of years. All forms of Rosewood are very sturdy and look exquisite when polished.

Rosewood is celebrated for its many practical and metaphysical healing properties. The scent of rosewood is said to help calm nervousness and anxiety. The scent is also said to help ease the pain of headaches and is known to help boost one’s immune system. Rosewood is associated with the heart chakra and when used in meditation is said to help one feel more compassionate. Rosewood is also said to help one be more intuitive of others around them and helps the wearer communicate easier. Rosewood Mala beads are said to help clear negative energy from the wearer, as well as, soothing all of those around them.


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