Glam Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Glam Style

Rustic Glam Style

Today I’m going to share one of my favorite interior design styles- Rustic Glam or as I like to call it, “Farmhouse Glam.”  First, let’s define Rustic Glam or Farmhouse Glam. It’s a design style that mixes earthy, time-worn items with a sprinkling of glamour.  The key to rustic glam décor is getting the right mix of shine and sparkle paired with natural elements.  By mixing aspects of both, you balance the two styles out.   I strive to achieve a nice balance between the two styles, but you can always turn up the shine for a wow-factor or tone it down for more neutral décor. When I think Farmhouse Glam, I envision simple styling, like using distressed or reclaimed hardwoods and layering in texture with a few sophisticated pieces – approachable elegance.   Chandeliers above picnic tables. Ornate candlesticks alongside weathered pieces. A worn farmhouse table paired vintage chairs upholstered in a luxurious velvet fabric.  What I love about this style is that you can bring coastal elements into the design that can be seen as neutral and rustic or glamorous and sparkly.  For example, seashells can be spray-painted with a metallic paint or dusted with gold leaf to add a touch of glamour or kept in their natural state displayed in a vintage jar for a more earthy statement. Need more inspiration?  Head on over to our Pinterest boards for more chic looks.

coastal farmhouse rustic glam

Elements of Rustic Farmhouse Style

Look for weathered wood, chippy furniture, and time-worn furniture to add a warm, lived-in feel to the rustic glam space. I absolutely love bringing a chippy architectural element into a room design- columns, corbels, old doors and shutters, etc.  Look for ways to repurpose them into a functional item for your home.

rustic lux

Farmhouse table and earth tones paired with a gorgeous chandelier and silver elements create a lux farmhouse style. {design by Gregory Funk}

rustic glam style

Love the rustic, raw feel of the exposed brick and simple white linens with the chic lighting fixtures. {image Pinterest}

farmhouse glam

Rustic meets glamour meets modern with an antique farmhouse table paired with various antique chairs, a vintage chandelier, and modern black lamps. {via Pinterest}

modern farmhouse lux

A perfect farmhouse color palette with just a touch of glamour here and there. {image Tracery}

Add in the Glamour

The glamour part of the décor can be subtle or standout. You can add shine and sparkle from paints, accent pieces, throw rugs, pillows, mirrors, fabric, and most importantly lighting. Lighting is a key element in adding glamour to your design.  Look for pieces that add that wow-factor to make a statement like a vintage chandelier.


Rustic Glam Interior Design

Drop dead gorgeous crystal paired with the rustic beams, marble counter, and natural accents in this kitchen – just wow. {image Pinterest}

coastal farmhouse rustic lux

Adding one statement piece – a gold lamp amongst a few luxurious velvet pillows create a coastal farmhouse rustic lux look.

rustic glam

Love this take on rustic glam- the various styles of chairs, dramatic pendant lamps, and splash of pink create a unique rustic glam room {image Veranda}

farmhouse glam

A perfect blend of incorporating architectural elements into a design plan. {image Segreto Finishes}